Sales Policy
Hole in the Wall Rabbitry
Sales Policy

In order to provide friendly service and a smooth transaction, there are a few things to remember when inquiring about sale animals. Keep in mind, these guidelines have been put in place because of past transactions that did not go well. They are not meant to single out or discriminate against anyone. Only to provide a fair exchange for both parties, seller and buyer. Please read ALL guidelines.
  1. I do not deal with minors without permission from a  parent. I may make exceptions if you are a youth breeder/shower but this will be at my discretion.  Please do not email me over and over begging to buy something. This will only get you blocked.
  2. I do not make long distance phone calls to give details on for sale or rescued animals. I try to list all pertinent information with each animal. If you have other questions, please email. If you wish to communicate by phone, you must call me. Otherwise, I usually only respond to and by email exchange.
  3. I do not hold any sale/rescue animal without at least a 50%  nonrefundable deposit. If you are serious about the purchase/adoption of a certain animal, I don't think it's too much to ask to pay some in advance. This money will be considered a down payment for the animal and will help defray the cost of care until you can pick up.  Remaining balance is due in cash at time of pick up unless other arrangements have been made. NO EXCEPTIONS. Time frame for holding animals with a paid deposit will be determined on an individual basis for the time being. In case of a fault on my part, or the sickness or death of an animal before the time of pick up, you will be offered the choice of another comparable animal, if one is available, or you will be placed at the top of my waiting list for next available comparable animal. Or you may request a refund of your deposit. PLEASE NOTE: this only applies if the animal in question is sick or deceased BEFORE it is picked up. This DOES NOT APPLY after an animal has left my premises. There are too many factors beyond my control once an animal leaves my hands. If you have written proof from a licensed veterinarian of a genetic condition that causes the sickness or death of an animal once it leaves my possession, a refund will be considered but it does require this proof. No Exceptions.
  4. I do not accept personal checks. Cash or Paypal is preferred unless a trade agreement has been made. Postal money orders may be considered. Please inquire.
  5. In order to meet interested parties from now on, I will now require either a deposit up front or cost of gas on arrival charge, This also depends on distance and schedule allowances.  Any fees are NOT included in the original purchase price. It is in addition to. Exceptions may be made when meeting at a show. Inquire.
  6. I reserve the right to cancel any sale at any time if I feel the welfare of the sale animal is at stake. I like my animals to go to good loving homes, hopefully to the same or better environment than I provide for them now.
  7. I do offer discounts on multiple purchases. Usually $5 off each animal. More if the quantity of animals is large enough. I  reserve the right to discontinue this practice at any time for any reason without further notice.
  8. Please check your distance before inquiring about a sale. I do not ship nor do I meet out of state unless I happen to be making a trip. If so, I will let you know trip details and times and a transport fee will be determined and added to the purchase price.
  9. I reserve the right to change any or all of these guidelines at my discretion without further notice. Thank you.
  10. Any pictures on this website are the property of Hole in the Wall Rabbitry alone. Please do not copy.

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